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Tiivistelmä: Tarjoan Yhdysvaltain valtiovarainministeriölle 50€ korotonta lainaa auttaakseen heitä selviytymään talousongelmistaan. Annan velan anteeksi 2010. Kirjeen mukaan laitoin 50€ setelin. (Yes, I did send the letter and the money. As of January 2009 I have received no reply.) 10 059 lukijaa, joista 688 eli 7% on antanut arvosanan (7+).

Cash loan to US government

50 euron seteli

Mr. John W. Snow
Secretary of the Treasury
Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washingon, D.C. 20220

Dear Sir,

An alarming issue has come to my attention. I have learned that the US national debt continues to grow and as of now has exceeded $7,788,000,000,000. National debt per capita exceeds $26,000.

I have also paid attention to global trends and noted that the value of the US dollar has fallen by almost 40% in relation to Euro during the past four years. I fear this trend will affect the whole world and perhaps even trigger a large-scale global depression, which is of course something we do not welcome with warmth. Although the European Union is likely to suffer less than Asia and others, I feel it is our task to prevent this disaster if possible.

Because of these alarming figures I have decided to aid you in your struggle to balance your economy. I offer you a loan of 50€ (USD 64.65) (please find a 50€ note enclosed) with an interest rate of 0%. Because of the falling dollar I feel it is safer to provide this loan in Euros, which have recently kept their value far better than the US dollar.

I have but one condition for my loan. I do not want this loan to be used for military spending, but other than that I have no terms or conditions for this transaction. I hope and believe your government will accept these terms.

There is no hurry in paying the debt back. I have good faith in your intentions to handle your liabilities swiftly. I have also made plans of granting you a pardon on this debt as of Jan 1st 2010, unless your economy has regained its balance by then. Please take this as a gesture of support for your own actions, in which your country has given pardon to the debts of poor countries in the third world.

If you wish not to accept this offer, please send the money back to the address enclosed. If you wish, you may subtract expenses for shipping and handling as needed.

I wish you and your country a prosperous year.


-Aapo Puskala, 10.4.2005

10 tuoreinta kommenttia 30:sta. Näytä kaikki kommentit

niin siis 50 euroa. ei sentään yksi

-Aapo, 9.9.2008


Joko on Jenkeistä vastattu? :)

-Susanna, 27.1.2009


Ei ole tullut minkäänlaista vastausta. Kohta pitää lähettää uusi kirje, jossa myönnän heille lainani anteeksi. Ei nimittäin vaikuta siltä, että he saisivat taloutensa kuntoon kovinkaan pian :)

-Aapo, 27.1.2009


Lähetä uusi kirje ja uusi seteli.

Ei se nyt vaan mikään muu auta. ^^

-Eezi, 27.1.2009


and ho3w is your economy now? and better...

-nuumuis munny, 28.3.2009


save the figs... eat your dates

-i.bein.phartin, 28.3.2009


Hukkaan meni rahasi sinun Aapo. Onneksi sitä saa pankista tai kaupan kassasta lisää;)

-Joshua Samola, 29.3.2009


I could also use a cash loan of fifty Euros...

-Patroclus, 28.4.2009


Silly Europeans. First you have to consolidate your currencies just to keep up, then you think you know how to run an economy. So, when will you be consolidating your borders? The U.S. paid billions over the years to keep the USSR from taking over the rest of your countries and you think you know how to maintain a military to protect the world?

Give us a break.

Stick to psychology. Leave economics and military matters to others, lest you speak of things you know little about and look like a fool.

-Tex, 13.12.2009


Tex, there was a reason to worry about US national debt in 2005 when the article was written. The debt has doubled in four years after writing it. Combined with private debt Americans are indebted 350% of GDP. Buying things on credit came to an end with GFC impoverishing millions of Americans. Do you disagree?

Constant wars are one of the reasons for the large debt. Currently US is engaged in two wars that apparently can not be won. Do you think attacking Iraq and Afganistan was a good decision? Alan Greenspan said in his memoirs that war in Iraq is really about oil, not saving the world. Do you disagree?

-Teemu, 13.12.2009

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